Miss Oktoberfest 2011, Brittany Graul

What inspired you to become a Miss Oktoberfest candidate?
I remember seeing Miss Oktoberfest out and about during the festival over the years, but never thought much of it. It wasn’t until a family friend encouraged (ie basically forced me) to consider the role that I took a hard look at what being Miss Oktoberfest was all about. After religiously reading everything I could about the program, I was really inspired about the role, because of the opportunities Miss Oktoberfest has. Whether it’s spending time with the kids during family day, meeting local business owners, or pretending to be able to polka – the opportunities were endless, and I wanted to give it a shot.

What was the biggest challenge you had during the competition?
The biggest challenge I had during the competition (and I’m sure it was for most candidates) was showing up. Before they changed up the program a little bit, you met all the other candidates for the first time during interviews. Not only are you a little stressed out about interviewing, but I was also afraid everyone was going to hate me (haha). But of course, every woman that was there that day turned out to be kind, fun and outgoing, so it was worth the nerves.

Tell us about your most memorable outing/moment as a Miss Oktoberfest candidate?
My most memorable moment as a candidate… I would say the media night at Chicopee. It was the final event and big kick off before the gala. We had the chance to meet the board of directors, sponsors, volunteers, etc. who are all committed to making Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest a successful festival. It was exciting to say the least.

How did being part of the Miss Oktoberfest competition enhance your personal and professional life?
Being a part of Miss Oktoberfest has opened doors to not only professional relationships, but personal ones as well. I have met friends for a lifetime, I have met professional contacts and I have met people who are helping me grow into the best individual I can be. This program has also given me confidence to speak publicly (I frequently run seminars on public speaking and interviews) and has helped me to be a strong interviewer. This experience has also allowed me to put a serious differentiating factor on my resume, and sparks a lot of really great conversations.

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