A Year as Miss Oktoberfest

What Kind of Commitment Does It Take?

As Miss Oktoberfest, you will be representing the Largest Bavarian Festival in North America.  The commitment as ambassador to this role is very large.  For the process alone, you will attend 4-6 events over a two-week period.  You will also be required to attend an interview process, which will consist of a series of interviews given by prominent business people, radio personalities, etc. within Waterloo Region.  You will also attend the Miss Oktoberfest Gala, where the new Miss Oktoberfest will be crowned.

Once crowned, you will participate in more than 225 appearances during your term.  In some given years, appearances can be more than 250.  While you gain many personal, professional and valuable experiences, you also give full commitment of promoting the Festival for an entire year!

Below will give you a brief outline of mandatory appearances and timelines in order to understand the significant time commitment the Miss Oktoberfest role requires:

The week prior to Opening Day is mandatory with appearances every day! 

  • Your appearances start Saturday morning after Miss Oktoberfest Gala with Tracht fitting, photos, etc.
  • Starting Monday the week prior to Opening Day, you will attend early morning/afternoon interviews with the various Radio and TV media across Waterloo Region.
  • This week will also include Festival Openings in Cambridge, Waterloo and of course opening day at City Hall in Kitchener.
  • This week also hosts various Oktoberfest events, such as A Blooming Affair Fashion Show on Sunday, and K-W Oktoberfest Rogers Women of the Year on Monday.

Friday – Opening Day of the Festival with the Official Keg Tapping at Kitchener City Hall!

  • Opening Day of the Festival starts early morning and will go until approximately 1am. This will be one of the busiest days you will have.  It will include public speaking roles, networking functions and hosting some of the festival’s major sponsors.

Thanksgiving Day Weekend!

  • Thanksgiving Day weekend will be filled with approximately 50 various appearances (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner events) with the biggest being the Thanksgiving Day Parade on Monday.

During the week of the Festival!

  • From Tuesday to Friday of the festival, you will have approximately 50-60 appearances (including lunch and dinner events).

Final Saturday of the Festival!

  • Final Saturday of the festival will have approximately 15-20 appearances during the day (including lunches and dinner events) and ending with the closing ceremonies. This day will be the second busiest day during the festival with your day ending around 2am.

After the Festival – during your term as Miss Oktoberfest!

  • After the Festival during your year as Miss Oktoberfest, you will make various appearances. Appearances can include Convention requests, schools, retirement homes, ambassador programs, judging, media appearances, etc.  These appearances can vary in any given year from 50 to 100 engagements.

September – Prior to the Festival!

  • As you are winding down your term, Oktoberfest is gearing up for another Festival year. In September, you will make several mandatory appearances.  These include Media appearances, Oktoberfest Golf Experience (all day event), Miss O Candidate Appearances, Miss O Judging, school visits (two days), and other appearances to promote the Festival.

To Apply for Miss Oktoberfest please visit Become Miss Oktoberfest

Please Note: This is meant to provide a sample of the time commitment it takes to be Miss Oktoberfest. The actual schedule will vary from year to year and is subject to change.